Drawing the 92 - An exclusively signed copy from the author.

I am very excited to offer signed copies of my book 'Drawing the 92'. The book has over 100 football ground illustrations in it which includes the current 92 English Football Grounds.  I only have a small number left. If has taken me nearly 12 years to visit and draw each of them. The book features them all with a description and facts of each ground as well as my own memories of my visit. The book also features many contributions from famous fans, ex-players, pundits and managers. 

"Jamie's drawings evoke so many memories of these theatres of dreams that have given fans across the country so much pleasure over the years. This is a must-have collection of stunningly evocative drawings. I can't recommend this book highly enough."

Bob Wilson, OBE, former Arsenal goalkeeper and founder of the Willow Foundation charity.


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