Blackburn Rovers - Ewood Park

The Ewood Park Print 

Ewood Park print, home of Blackburn Rovers since 1890, is steeped with history and a proud football and community tradition. Jamie has capture this in both his Ewood Park prints, the other, Ewood View, compliments the Ewood Park Print and when hung together on form a real focus point in any room.

The Perfect Blackburn Rovers Gift

Whether as a gift or a souvenir, this print is sure to stir up the emotions and fond memories for Blackburn Rovers fans. It would sit proudly on any Rovers fan's desk, wall or mantlepiece, the perfect Blackburn Rovers gift.

Signed Limited Edition Print. This is not an official Blackburn Rovers FC product.

Mounted Print £39 (including P&P)

Framed Print in Black, White or Oak £59 (including P&P)


Mounted Internal Image Dimensions - 12.5cm x 12.5cm, External Mounted Print Dimensions - 29.5cm x 29.5cm


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