Oxford United - Manor Ground

The Manor Ground Print

Urban Colours interpretation of Oxford United's intimate Manor Ground print is sure to stir up strong emotions and fond memories for Oxford United fans.

One of the country's most special grounds, tucked away behind Headington's London Road and now the Manor Hospital.  I was able to capture this ground and its iconic entrance through sketches of the still existing road and referencing photos from the 90s kindly donated by a loyal Oxford fan.

The Perfect Gift for Fans of Oxford United

The Manor Ground print would sit proudly on any Oxford United fan's wall, desk or mantlepiece. It makes a fantastic compliment to the Kassam Stadium print, when hung together, remind fans of a colourful past and a bright future.

Signed Limited Edition Print. This is not an official Oxford United FC product.

Mounted Print £39 

Framed Print in Black, White or Oak Style £59 


Mounted Internal Image Dimensions - 12.5cm x 12.5cm, External Mounted Print Dimensions - 30cm x 30cm


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